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Eranda Herbal Spa Koh Samui Thailand

It’s known as ‘The Spa with a View’, and it’s the only one that can honestly make that claim on Samui! Eranda Herbal Spa has been imaginatively laid-out on a beautiful hillside in the north of Chaweng, overlooking lush tropical gardens and the tops of coconut palms, through to the emerald Gulf of Siam beyond. And it’s this elevated position that immediately creates that ‘away from it all’ feeling. There are good reasons why the ancients sought peace and enlightenment on mountainsides and hilltops!

Service is a practised art-form at Eranda. As soon as you ascend the 30-or-so granite steps leading from the car park and arrive at the thatched reception, you’re welcomed by a smiling receptionist who offers you an ice-cold ginger and tamarind juice. She then guides you helpfully through the list of services on offer, providing samples of all the essential oils too.

And when it comes to choices of spa treatments, Eranda really is hard to beat. For example, there are nine different body-scrubs alone, including an excellent Ginger Cream Scrub which has proven anti-cellulite and firming qualities. And there’s a wide range of body-wraps too, with the Moroccan Red Clay & Roselle Wrap great for naturally exfoliating dead skin cells before nourishing the new ones. And the Ino Sensi Facial Treatment, using all-natural marine products and new application teachiques, is one of the world's best facials and is an incredible experience.

But do try one of Eranda’s all-inclusive packages if you have the time, and if you think you deserve something special! The couples’ 4 ½ hour Eranda Experience (with its herbal steam, Jacuzzi, body-scrubs, body-wraps, massages, facials and foot massages) is a highly recommended package for honeymooners and lovers alike.

The eight private treatment suites (six have their own Jacuzzis and steam rooms) are something special, too; spa facilities just don’t come better than these – anywhere. And they are spread throughout the spa grounds on nine levels, which are named after the six levels of heaven (rather appropriately), the overall name of heaven, the Chedi, and God himself.

Whether you’ve opted for just a traditional Thai massage by one of Eranda’s ‘Wat Po’ trained masseuses (they have a resident massage teacher, too), their unique oil massage, which successfully blends Thai with occidental techniques in a most enjoyable way, or feel totally self-indulgent and choose to spoil yourself with one of the fabulous packages, you’ll be sure of having a great Samui spa experience!

Ino Sensi Facial Treatment 75 minutes

Using all natural marine products and new application techniques,
this complete skin care programme combines the pleasure of a massage with advances in technology to respond to all your skins
needs. As it is a very mild treatment, it’s available for all ages and
skin types, and even if you have no noticeable skin damage at all, it’s a remarkably relaxing and refreshing experience, providing you with a long lasting feeling of comfort.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage 90-120 minutes

Water-treated stones are placed in strategic sites on the body to promote relaxation and to help open up meridians or energy lines. The heated stones make deep tissue manipulations easier to perform and they also assist in the release of toxins, improve the circulation and help sufferers of insomnia.

Anti- Cellulite Phytoplus Approx 2 hours 40 minutes

  • Herbal Steam 30 minutes
  • Marine Body Scrub 35 minutes
  • Slenderizing Massage 60 minutes
  • Phytoplus Slimming Body Wrap 35 minutes

    Phyto-aromatic slimming complex is a really effective treatment for cellulite; ingredients rapidly detoxify the fatty cells& encourage elimination of wasted. The Laminaria not only has slimming effect,
    but also nourishes & hydrates the upper layers of the skin.

    Pure Gold Eranda Facial 90 minutes

    Throughout history, gold has been recognised for its luxurious and beautiflying properties. Historians have long maintained that Cleopatra used pure gold as a tool to maintain her youthful looks by sleeping in a gold mask every night. In Anciant Rome, golg was used for a variety of skin problems. In Ancient Chinese medicine, the queen of the ching dynasty used a gold massage roller on her face every day. With 99.9% karat, gold gives a healthy glow, helps to reduce wrinkles and has revitalising effects.

    The Eranda Experience for Honeymooners & Lovers Approx 4 hours 15 minutes

  • Herbal Steam & Jacuzzi 30 minutes
  • Rice Milk Body Scrub 35 minutes
  • Pandan Herbs Wrap 35 minutes
  • Eranda Signature Massage 60 minutes
  • Foot Reflexology Massage 35 minutes
  • Facial Treatment by Jurlique or 60 minutes
  • IIYAKO Facial Yoga Japanese Style

  • This is the perfect package for those wanting to escape and indulge for a few hours. In the privacy and tranquility of your own private sala your therapists will work their magic to fully rejuvenate and instill a sense of well-being for a truly memorable experience.

    Eranda Herbal Spa
    9/37 Moo 2,
    Chaweng Beach,
    Chaweng North,
    Samui, 84330, Thailand

    Tel:(66) 0 7730 0323,
    (66) 0 7730 0321
    Mobile: (66) 0 818 946 702
    Fax: (66) 0 7730 0320


    Open from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM

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