Blue Dream

Name: Blue Dream

Type: Hybrid
Rating: 4.3
THC %: 18
Other Cannabinoids: CBD 0%
Terpene: Myrcene


Looking for a well-balanced, popular weed strain? Look no further than Blue Dream! This Hybrid strain is a favorite among many cannabis enthusiasts due to its moderate THC levels, balanced effects, and versatile uses. Blue Dream has a THC content of approximately 18% and is also known by other names, such as Azure Haze and Blueberry Haze.

History & Genetics

Blue Dream is a cross between the popular strains Blueberry and Haze. This combination results in a well-balanced, enjoyable smoking experience. The strain was first created in California and has since gained worldwide popularity due to its versatility and moderate potency.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Blue Dream has a blue and green hue with orange hairs, making it a beautiful and unique strain. This hybrid also boasts a sweet and fruity aroma with hints of blueberry and sugar. When smoked, Blue Dream delivers a smooth and pleasant taste with a slightly herbal undertone.

THC and CBD Content

Blue Dream has an average THC content of 18%, making it a moderately potent strain. It also has relatively low levels of CBD and CBN. As with any strain, the exact THC and CBD levels can vary based on growing conditions and other factors.


The effects of Blue Dream are well-balanced, providing a creative and cerebral high coupled with full-body relaxation. As a result, Blue Dream is a great choice for those seeking a balanced and enjoyable smoking experience. Its main effect is its ability to enhance creativity and stimulate the mind.


Blue Dream is a versatile strain with a variety of uses. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking relief from depression, chronic fatigue, and lack of appetite. This strain is also great for those who enjoy smoking during the day, as it provides an enjoyable, balanced high that won’t leave you feeling too lethargic.


For those looking to grow their own Blue Dream, it’s essential to provide a warm, Mediterranean-like climate with lots of sun exposure. The flowering time for this strain is approximately 9-10 weeks, and the yield is typically high, making it an ideal choice for commercial growers.


What are the side effects of Blue Dream?

While Blue Dream is a well-balanced strain, it can still cause some side effects, such as dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, and paranoia. However, these side effects are relatively rare and usually mild.

How long do the effects of Blue Dream last?

The effects of Blue Dream can last for several hours, depending on how much you consume and your tolerance level.

Is Blue Dream a good strain for beginners?

Blue Dream is a great strain for beginners due to its moderate THC content and well-balanced effects. However, as with any strain, it’s essential to start with a low dose and gradually increase your consumption as your tolerance builds.

How does Blue Dream compare to other Hybrid strains?

Compared to other Hybrid strains, Blue Dream is well-balanced, providing both a cerebral high and full-body relaxation. This makes it a great choice for those seeking an enjoyable, versatile smoking experience.

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